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Staffing is a process, which is extremely time consuming, as it requires great acumen and skills to ensure that the correct person is chosen for the position as well as the organization is able to fulfill as much as of the right demands of the person. However, staffing is a reality and the need for every industry including the healthcare. There are many staffing agencies such as the healthcare recruitment agency MSG Staffing, which takes care of the specialized form of staffing. The company is one of the front-runners of the staffing of people in the healthcare zone and travel nursing jobs. Here are some of the issues that are prominent in this field.

No permanency

In the field of travel nurse employment, one needs to go wherever the work takes him.  However, a person can get to see many places, but there is no permanency in the jobs.  Every few years one has to change base. People who are close of their loved ones or fear the idea of staying alone should always consider this approach before applying for the nurse job.

Risk to life and safety

There is a great risk to personal safety and life in travel nursing jobs. This is especially true in the case of nursing staff being posted to health centers with the volatile political environment or is prone to terrorist attacks. There have been innumerable similar cases in the past in many countries. Hence, this is one drawback of the jobs, which must be considered.

Health based issues

Being in the nurse jobs, irrespective of the fact whether you are male or female, duties have to be taken care of in a sensible manner. Backaches, muscle fatigue, pain, etc. are common side effects of this profession as need to shift heavy patients from one bed to another in order to clean them.

These above mentioned issues are common knowledge in the nursing circle and therefore are known to everyone. However, every responsible healthcare recruitment agency like MSG Staffing ensures that the people applying for the positions are aware of this truth before they get recruited. There are different ways of dealing with these issues, however, it is something, which is the prerogative of the individual and thus the decision to accept lies entirely with the person. One should completely comprehend the pros and cons and consider the issue with a practical mind thinking of all the present and future consequences, before going ahead with the decision.

Staffing can be temporary or permanent. Employment tends to be a very serious matter and therefore it is important to know all the details of employment from the employer or the healthcare recruitment agency that a person is in contact with, in order to ensure that there is nothing hidden in terms of employment details. When it comes to the matter of travel nurse staffing, then it is mandatory to know the duration of the assignment at one place. Sometimes assignments can be temporary ranging from a few weeks to a few months. In addition, it could be permanent, as in, the person will be a full time employee of a certain medical organization, but can be posted at its various global locations, depending on the requirement.

Expertise in the key
The expertise of a person in the nursing arena is the key to the employment being temporary or permanent. A recruitment agency such as MSG Staffing is adept at comprehending the expertise of a person and based on the aspect the jobs are decided according to the requirements.  People with higher qualifications and experience at critical medical department tend to get better employment opportunities, which are mostly stable in nature.

There are certain countries such as the US wherein each state has different parameters for being a travel nurse and thus will require licenses and certifications. It is important to update your current license along with the latest certifications. The higher the number of certification along with experience, the more is the probability to be selected for multiple offers for travel nursing jobs.

Other details
In a nurse job, it is crucial to know about other details of the job such as the benefits available, accommodation facilities, safety and security arrangements so that there is no sense of the unknown within the person. These details are important and should be asked by the recruitment agency as soon as possible.

Travel nursing jobs are very crucial, as medical establishment needs such people at very short notice so that they can start working immediately. For experienced people, details of employment do not matter much as they know the genre very well. However, for the inexperienced, it is mandatory to know everything beforehand to that they do not get surprised and refuse employment after being chosen. MSG Staffing understands the predicament and thus believes in having an open dialogue with the job seekers in order to clear out all the necessary details.

It has always been the saying that by selecting the right person for the right job, a company would be able to benefit and save a lot of time and energy. While recruiting staff for a company, where one should carefully select the candidates for the position, then more care should be given while recruiting staff for the medical field. Since, it deals with life; a lot of care has to be put while recruiting anyone, from doctors to therapists to nurses and even attendants. Since, every one of these people are in their little way responsible for whatever treatment that is given to the patients, it becomes vital for a hospital to seek the assistance of nurse recruiting agency. 

How important is the role of a hospital staff?
A hospital staff is the person who with his knowledge and expertise in his domain ensures that all the patients who are admitted there for treatment are treated with all the care and love. Therefore, it is vital for healthcare placement provider that is helping the hospital to recruit the staff. Today, many medical institutions around the world require knowledgeable and trained health specialists and nurses who can take care of patients showing compassion and empathy along with the required amount of sternness.

It has been found that any negligence shown by a nurse recruiting agency, while recruiting nurses and therapists, the effect is reflected directly on the health or the improvement in the health condition of the patient. However, there may be a time when a healthcare facility might suddenly need a specialized OT nurse or travel nurses, for a short term, then that also can be recruited with help from the travel nurse recruiting agency. 

Why travel nurses are reaping benefits?
If you are a registered nurse with a few years of sound experience, then you should try to explore more job opportunities that are sure to help you enjoy the job along with the places. Therefore, you can apply as a travel nurse in a healthcare facility and explore the new avenues that your profession can offer you. There are plenty of travel nurse recruiting happening all around the year by recognized health agencies and they need nurses who can help them in few sticky situations. Of course, the best benefit of being a travel nurse means you can earn better and travel across the country. However, most of the hospitals who seek travel nurses or travel doctors always offer accommodation too so that the staff does not have to run from pillar to post in search of accommodation. Applying for the post of travel nurse with a reputed nurse recruiting agency would surely benefit you these days.

As children, we all have dreams of becoming some one great when we grow up and many of us feel that we have to earn loads when we grow up, and many of us might have dreams of being a nurse and take up a nurse job to be able to serve the ill. Nursing is one profession that has plenty of heart and soul in it and today, with the increasing number of good healthcare facilities coming up worldwide, the nurse staffing requirements have also increased. We may find plenty of nurses, but the top healthcare facilities are today in the requirement of knowledgeable and trained nurses. 

Why are nurses so much in demand?
There are many healthcare facilities around the world that have opened specialty units and intensive care units, where more than theoretical knowledge of nursing, it is mandatory, that the candidates who are coming for nursing career, are well trained and ensure that they know their job in hand inside out. However, it becomes taxing for healthcare institutions to select candidates for the nurse staffing. Therefore, they seek services from the reputed healthcare recruitment agency to do the first one or two rounds of short listing candidates for the right profile, including getting travel nurses. 

How travel nursing jobs are sought worldwide?
To help the healthcare institutions fight the dearth of registered nurses and physiotherapists, across boundaries, travel nurse employment is sought after and many people who are recruiting for institutions prefer this position. Since, the position arises in hospitals or medical health institutions that suddenly require people, due to an emergency or if a staff or two are required on specialized grounds for some specific reason, travel nurses are required. This position requires candidates to be flexible to few things and of them, the fact that they should be flexible to travelling stands first. If a healthcare facility today wants travel nurses, then they contact the recruitment agencies and then put forward the profile they want from their travel nurses. Of course, there are plenty of reasons for travel nurses to opt for the jobs.

  • Love to travel far and wide: If you are a nurse and feel that you wish to serve the patients from different cities and interact with people from all backgrounds, then this job presents immense possibilities. 
  • High pay package: Since, these traveling nurses are helping the hospitals out of scarcity, they will surely be rewarded with a good pay and in some cases even with accommodation.

If you thought nursing job was by itself very rewarding then being a travel nurse, you will experience more of variety and be in touch with people from different cultural backgrounds too and this might help you broaden your perspective towards life. 

There are hard times when there is shortage of the nursing staff at different places. Such situations are difficult to handle. These are temporary situations. In such situations, the medical department takes help from the travel nursing staff. These are trained nurses who work temporarily in the positions of the nurses. MSG Staffing is one of the agencies that provide such opportunities.

Why to opt for travel nurse jobs?

A lot of people deliberately go for travel nurse jobs. The reason for it is that these are highly paid for as compared to regular nurse staff. Travel nurse employment gives numerous chances for professional growth. All those in the field of medicine practice who love adventure and travelling are welcomed in travel nursing jobs. There is not just one position that a travel nurse has to work. There are numerous challenging tasks that are to be taken care of by the individuals in nursing career.

What is the job of nurse staffing?

Nurse staffing is generally done by agencies. Their main job of travel nurse is to first analyze the need of the patient and then arrange for the best suitable health care professional to help the patient recover from that problematic situation. These agencies ensure and assure the clients of round the clock services. Everyone who is looking for nurse job must get himself/herself registered with such a nurse staffing agency.

How to start with the nursing career?

If one thinks that nursing career has limited things to do then he is absolutely wrong. The nursing career has a long list of fields that one needs to choose from. When starting with the nursing career, one needs to find out the various nursing schools and find out in detail about the certification and the authorization. In the travel nurse employment at MSG Staffing, one gets professional as well as personal rewards. This is one of the most flexible and the best profession for those who wish to serve the society.

What is a nurse’s job?

The travel nurse jobs are very essential for the treatment that is provided by a doctor. It is the nurse’s job to prepare the medical history reports and also to keep a record of the treatment that is being to the patient. Performing all the physical examination is the nurse job. It is the nurse who takes care of the wounds and manages the medications. It is the job of a nurse to coordinate the treatment and the care that is being provided by the various healthcare professionals.

Who must look for travel nursing career opportunities? 

Travel nursing career is one of the best careers for the trained nursing staff individuals who are looking for flexible work and one which gives them the freedom for working without pressures and enjoying working at different locations, with different people. 

Nurses are always in high demand in every health care setting all over the world. There are primary care givers to a lot of ailing patients. With the changing times, a new breed of nursing jobs had emerged and is known as Travel Nursing Jobs. Acute shortage of nurses is the main reason behind the emergence of this unique job category which demands frequent travelling from one place to another. A travel nurse can work for a single employer also if the employer chose for renewal of contract. 

Nursing shortage has posed a huge problem before healthcare settings to get experienced and qualified nurses to continue healthcare. As a result, hospitals of US, UK, Australia are now bound to hire travel nurse who work for them only for a specific period and then move on to other place. Sometimes, independent contractors also hire travel nurses. MSG Staffing is a brilliant healthcare recruitment agency that offers travel nurse employment to the qualified nurse applicants. 

The agency is good in finding a typical travel nurse employment for the job seekers registered with them to pursue their dream of visit far flung destinations while doing a novel job of helping and curing others. MSG staffing offers expense reimbursement plan along with a host of other benefits that one needs badly to do a job with a happy state of mind. 

Longer work shifts
A nurse job never comes easy and a travel nurse has to bear more if the recruitment agency is not good enough to deal with anything not stated in the contract. Many times, travel nurses have to work for really long shifts that too for back to back nights after arrival in a new working environment. This cause excessive burnout and can take a toll on their health.

Adjustment with new people  
The job is demanding as one need to quickly adjust with the new environment to work efficiently. Sometimes, the hospital management is rude and sometimes motivating. To adjust with a whole team of nurses working at that place since years is difficult to achieve in a small duration. Normally, a hospital hires a travel nurse via a recruitment agency. 

However, these vanish as soon a travel nurse learns to cope with the work stress and the changing environment. Mostly, people who want to be frequent flyers go for a career in travel nursing as the pay is higher with housing facilities. 

If you are a job seeker or an employer, then MSG staffing can be an ideal place to get desired results in the shortest possible time. We offer high bonus and ensure a good pay for travel nurses. For your all Nurse Staffing needs, one can contact MSG Staffing.

Nursing is a noble profession that demands a lot of empathy, compassion and skill to work as care givers. Their shortage in any health care setting can cripple the whole health care facility. Hence, it is vital to fill up the existing vacancies of nurses as soon as possible. MSG Staffing Solutions understands this fact and offer dedicated Nurse Staffing solutions for healthcare recruiters across United States. We have a generous presence in MA, NY, CN and other cities of USA.

The health care placement agency is also offering an opportunity to get job opportunities for those who are seeking a job in nursing. Travel Nursing Jobs are also now a much sought after among job seekers as this is adventurous and ensures a better pay. MSG Staffing Solutions also excels in offering travel nursing jobs to the job applicants.


MSG Staffing Solutions offers a large number of benefits to the recruiters seeking nurse staffing. Some of these include the following ones.

  • No need to use administrative resources for screening candidates
  • Large pool of screened candidates to choose from
  • Filling of short-term nurse employment within a small time frame
  • Provision of attractive client referral incentives and volume rewards
  • Dedicated account manager to understand the specific staffing needs
  • Handle travel nursing reimbursement and other paid liabilities


A large number of people want to pursue Nursing Careers and the most common hurdle in their way is to get the right job that can be satisfying also. Some of the benefits that MSG Staffing Solutions brings for its registered job seekers are the following ones.

  • Health insurance and best wages in the industry for nurses, whether part time or full time
  • Full-furnished housing and round trip air-fare for those seeking Travel Nursing Jobs
  • Attractive referral bonus up to $1,000 and excellent expense reimbursement plan
  • Provision of professional and general inability insurance for nurses
  • Wide options in nursing including travel nursing from an extensive job listing

Whatever may be the job requirement or staffing needs pertaining to nursing or other HealthCare jobs, MSG Staffing Solutions handles all effectively with its expertise and experience in this field. Employers can submit their staffing needs over their website and job seekers need to apply for nursing jobs by filing up a quick online form. 

There are a lot of nurse staffing companies which provide opportunities in terms of travel nurse employment to regular healthcare placement. Most of the agencies would be providing free registration and will help you choose the right nurse job, without spending a lot. However, is it essential? There are a few nurse staffing agencies which charge a small amount for premium accounts. Are these agencies reliable?

Do you really need the agencies?

Do you really need to register with a nurse recruitment agency like MSG Staffing? There are a lot of vacancies in the nursing career and also for travel nurses. You might be able to find the right job without registering or paying for the agency. However, there are a few points to be taken into consideration.

a)      There are a lot of nurses who are looking for a job start or change and many of them would be trying through a healthcare placement provider. The hospitals and healthcare institutes find it easy to hire through these agencies and registered candidates would be hired. This might make to lose good opportunities.


b)      Many institutes do not hire through bill board advertisements or through newspaper ads. They would assign responsibilities to agencies like MSG Staffing and thus you would need an agency to come across these requirements. 

c)      There are a lot of companies with different nursing requirements. You cannot contact every institute individually. With the help of a right nurse recruiting agency, you would be able to choose from a wide range of opportunities. 

d)     For the same reason, you would be able to compare the job responsibilities and salary details with other companies. 

e)      You can start searching for a suitable nurse job, before completing your studies with the help of the agencies. 

f)       Travel nurse recruitment agency would take care of a lot of paper works and this would make most of the procedures easy. 

What kind of agencies can you trust?

It is clear that to register with an agency, the reliability of the agency is very essential. You cannot trust all the agencies which have a webpage. You need to surf about the agency, learn from the testimonials, customer reviews and complaint forums about the agency. You should also compare the price, procedure and other details with another agency to figure out the bogus companies. Choose the agency that has a big database of healthcare institutes in its employee column.

With a reliable agency, you would be able to find a right job in no time. There is a supply deficit in a nursing career! It would need many years to balance the demand for nurses. Thus, with the help of the right agency, you can land the right job.

With the increase in the demand of nurses and decrease in supply, all the nurse staffing agencies are not as efficient as they claim to be. That too, when it comes to travel nurse, the condition would be still worse. Very few agencies would be able to provide instant travel nurse resources. Without proper staffing, the operation and efficiency of the hospital would go south. Choose the right nurse recruiting agency to satisfy your staffing needs as soon as possible. Here are a few tips to avoid bad agencies.

Flowery promises

Everyone faces emergency at some points of their lives and the agencies seem to provide promises as they have a nurse ready by their side, for you. Remember that any travel nurse recruiting agency would require a minimum of 2-3 months for sending you, a travel nurse. The license for your state would take about 8 weeks to reach the nurse. Do not fall for flowery promises.


The demand for travel nurses has increased and so has the cost of running a healthcare placement provider company. Do not fall for someone who is ready to sign a deal for a very low cost. There are many travel nurse recruiting agencies like MSG Staffing. Make sure to choose the right one. Do not try to save a few dollars and lose the credibility of your hospital.


There is a lot of paperwork, when it comes to travel nurse recruiting. An inexperienced agency cannot help the nurse in filing those papers effectively. False information or wrong statements would decline the credibility associated with the organization and your resource would not reach you on time. Ask about their experience in staffing the travel nurses. An experienced recruiter would be confident and sound comfortable during your discussion.

Finding an honest and effective recruiting agency for travel nurse like MSG Staffing is not as easy as you think. You would need to go through all the agencies in the search engine, talk to most of them and know the average cost, time and operating process. You should be ready to face a lot of constraints like money, time, resource and other legal laws that would act as a factor. Use the internet to surf about a particular agency. The healthcare placement provider you have picked might be a phony one. Read the testimonials and complaints about the agency and take necessary action.

A few negative comments would not push the rank of an agency down. Analyze the importance of those comments. Think whether that would suit you or not. Make a wise choice for your staffing requirements.

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