A great salary is just the beginning.

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While we strive to offer the highest wages in the industry, we understand that exceptional benefits are also an important part of being a best-in-class organization. We believe that employee benefits are also critical in our efforts to improve the lives of our candidates, which is why we offer health and life insurance, paid time accrued, bonuses, and more.

Benefits we offer include:


Insurance, including: Medical, Dental, Vision, Paid Professional Liability Insurance, Life Insurance, and Workers Compensation

401K Programs – You determine your percentage of contributions, which are made on a pre-tax basis.

Paid Time Accrued (PTA) – The more hours you work, the faster you accumulate vacation pay. This benefit is customized, depending on how many weeks of vacation you are looking to accumulate in a year.

Bonuses, including Completion Bonuses, Signing Bonuses, and generous Referral Bonuses up to $750. Click here to learn more.

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