Physician Shortage – The Scariest Thing for any Ageing Population

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Physician Shortage – The Scariest Thing for any Ageing Population

Many developed as well as developing countries are now facing the problem of an ageing population. This has put a tremendous pressure on the respective government of these nations to take adequate steps as this leads towards many unforeseen problems in the near future. Apart from social-economic changes that will trigger aftermath an acute shortage of active workforce, health consequences are many.

If you look for an ageing person’s view then you will be surprised to know that according to him, the scariest thing is the shortage of physicians that can treat them in their illness and can give them relief from their various ailments. Physician shortage is a real problem and MSG Staffing works wonderfully to bridge this gap between demand and supply by offering physician placement services to competent candidates. Even the number of qualified physicians in USA is now much less and the actual figures can be alarming enough to scare the ageing population.

Acute shortage of qualified physicians

According to the latest reports featured in CBS news, USA is going to face a deficit of a large number of physicians by the year 2025. Some close to 52,000 physicians are needed for the general population that includes a rapidly ageing population too. This translates into the fact that physician staffing is extremely important and physician recruiters must gear themselves for the massive challenge to fill enormous vacancies in a time bound manner to avoid any major disaster in the healthcare of USA.

The reason for the acute shortage of qualified physicians available for an ageing population can be contributed to a large number of facts like increasing work stress suffered by physicians working under administrative pressure, reluctance to work in rural areas, loss of reputation as a profession as there are now many surgeons who command more respect and pay. Thus, even physician recruitment agencies are facing the heat of current shortage. MSG Staffing Company being a veteran one in the industry manages to maintain a large pool to excel as a Physician Recruitment Firm in USA in the states of MA, NY, CT and NH.

It is important that physician recruiters speed up their work and start listing jobs for the qualified candidates. If there is option to work on a contractual basis, then many candidates will be keen to get placement. If you are in a healthcare environment seeking candidates for your organization or a family physician, don’t hesitate to call us at 888-674-7676. All the needs for physician staffing are fulfilled here. 

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